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Places for the Weddings

Wedding in the Outdoors 'Cliff'

That romantic scenario you’ve seen on the tv screens only – Two lovebirds on the cliff’s edge, Azure as far as the eye can see, birds singing. Just you, your love and affectionate ‘’yes’’. It’s one of the most quiet and peaceful part of the isle. Choose this magical location and enjoy your special day. 001.jpg

Wedding in a 'Open Air' Style Church

’Church under the stars’’It is a unique, majestic place. The most beautiful church In whole Spain. Couples from all over the continent dream about reciting their vows under stars in that specific church.If you would like to feel christian atmosphere surrounded by nature, that location is for you.

Wedding in the Outdoors 'Wild nature'

Have you been dreaming of a quiet, private ceremony?Wild nature could be your greatest sanctuary. You will be able to make your vows surrounded by mountains and sea. That place is located in the area of the national wild national park and it is easy to go there on foot.


Wedding in a Church 'On the top of the hill'

Ceremony prepared in a church on the top of the Hill. Perfect and unique place to make your vows of everlasting love. That church is the highest situated fram all of the churches located on the island. We can assure you views from there are amazing.

Wedding in the Outdoors 'Dome'

Dome that unique and original place is  located on the rocky sea shore. It will be a perfect shelter if you want to avoid hot sunny weather. It’s perfect because it’s known for its romantic atmosphere.


Ceremony in nature 'Terrace'

The hotel area can turn into a garden of dreams, if you dare to desire! It is very convenient when the wedding is big and all the guests stay in one place. The ceremony can take place under the palm trees on the lawn, in the olive garden or on the terrace. We suggest organizing the evening part of the celebration here.

Wedding in the Outdoors 'Son Marroig'

Unique place for those who love history and monumental buildings – Son Marroig is a famous Museum. A lot of couples are dreaming of weddings located here so you would have to make a reservation in advance 6 months or even a whole year! It is possible to make vows here after the museum is closed for tourists – around 6pm. It would be worth waiting!


Wedding in the Outdoors 'Alcudia'

By the day time that place is full of tourists but when the sun sets… Then it's a completely different story. Alcudia beach is just perfect. Romantic atmosphere, who wouldn’t dream of wedding on the beach when the stars are shining?

Wedding In the Open air 'Costa'

The landscape of seaside palm trees and the sea in the distance provide a romantic atmosphere. You will reach this place through the manicured, modern, French-style garden of the villa. You can organize an exclusive and memorable ceremony here, and for all those who fell in love with this place at first sight, we offer to organize the evening part of the celebration here as well.

COSTA (1).jpg

Church Wedding

Unique and wonderful church with an amazing vibe…
Built in 1662  impresses till these days. 
That sacred place is located on the west side of the island perfect for wedding or christening.

Wedding in a church 'Basilica'

Wedding in the Basilica. Make your vows of everlasting love in that wonderful surrounding. Beauty and majesty of that building is breathtaking! Not only the inside of that specific building but also buildings around it. You will be able to walk through symbolical path and go enjoy your wedding party. Your documents will be fully prepared within a month.

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