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Vows Renewal - Inga & Darius

When such experienced wedding organisers decide to entrust us with preparing the renewal of their vows It can only mean that it surely is more convenient to benefit from our services.

Also we take it as a huge compliment – sign that all of you can trust us. Guests didn’t know what to expect because the whole ceremony was a surprise for them. It all has started on the spacious patio in the mountains. with a breathtaking view of the setting sun. All those romantic moments were full of Spanish touches.


The main goal was to provide our clients wonderful memories of emotional ceremony and we’ve definitely achieved it! Tears in everyone’s eyes were sufficient proof. Typical traditions were replaced with Inga’s ideas. Instead of traditional reciting the wovs, the couple decided to… sing them. Orchid petals everywhere, carefully selected decorations and beautifully intense blue sky as well as view of the mountains and tiny houses at the foot of them – What an unique background! We feel honored that we could be a part of such an amazing event which made all of us happy!

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