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Dream Wedding – Karolina & Paulius

Their story, is a major example of how true and strong love can overcome all obstacles.

K+P Maljorka Print-247.jpg

It was a ‘last-minute wedding’ because of some technical problems we had to set another date, but We – Idea Mallorca Team – don’t know how to give up easily even though it seemed to be a lost cause. Our combined forces and positive attitude helped us to overcome every difficulty. And it worked! We did it – after we’ve defeated every hardship, we could organise the ceremony we’ve planned, an event that newlyweds always have been dreaming of. They enjoyed their stay in Mallorca and fell in love with the breathtaking views, unique and unforgettable emotions. The ceremony took place in a quiet place with a romantic vibe, filled with happy conversations delicious food, and decorations. When I look at the photographs of the two of them, I can’t fight that feeling that Mallorca will never forget about their burning, true love. They’ve been preparing that special day for six months! They were looking for inspiration and every available possibility. We’ve tried to carefully discuss each trifle. It has been worth it! When we’ve heard that ‘’reality was beyond their every expectation’’ - we couldn't be more proud of our hard work!


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