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Hot Weather For Hot Weddings - Diana & Mantas

They wanted to say ‘’yes’’ in the middle of the summer when the sun is burning the most and temperatures are almost as hot as the sun itself. That seems and it was a little bit challenging, but what is the most important – Positive attitude!

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We do not have the word ‘’impossible’’ in our dictionary. We thoroughly took care of every detail during the ceremony. For example – Bride’s makeup has been made by a professionalist using special supplies in order to keep full makeup unaffected by hot temperature, sweat, and sun as well as humidity near the swimming pool – where the Wedding party was located. Cooperating with such lovable people like these two… It was our pleasure! We kept our joyful attitude to the very end. The couple wanted everything to be perfect with a pleasant relaxed atmosphere but without unnecessary stress. That's how it was! Warm personalities, tender, and joyful attitude. Newlyweeds had their photo session not so far from their wedding in order to avoid the hit and tiredness. We’ve made wonderful memories as well as Newlyweeds and guests!

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